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Panorama Dentale Estero è un numero speciale in lingua inglese della rivista, in distribuzione all'IDS 2011 di Colonia e negli altri più importanti appuntamenti internazionali di settore dell'anno. Viene inoltre spedito ai principali dealers mondiali che saranno presenti alla fiera di Colonia.


Mission: preventive treatment
The socio-economic change of form, structure and substance resulting from the latest years has remodeled too the med professions, with a peculiar emphasis on the relationship doctor-patient. Indeed, the systemic revolution reshaped the patient’s ineluctable expectations.

The year 2009, a.k.a. the “annus horribilis” emphasized the issues of the dentist and dental technicians mainly because of their patient’s shifts in prioritizing their needs. The patient, as active and passive subject of the socio-economical metamorphosis, is reorganizing its priorities: years ago some values were considered untouchable, now the future’ perspective made them fading: undoubtedly the smile is not just an announcement of healthcare, but also a positive way to look at the future. Beyond questions the preventive treatments is the core issue, as well a point of departure, of a new concept of relationship with the patient and indeed a chain-reaction point in the economic aspect for the pro. Especially in countries where the ageing population is growing in number, a common-sense, proper and fair preventive treatments system is particularly needed not only at home but also at the dentist’s.

A proper and recurrent check of the plaque at home is the basis of the preventive treatments: but it is needed to check into thoroughly what and how will weight mainly upon a proper preventive treatments of the patients. The one’s will in order to follow the doctors’ suggestions is enough? Or, reverse, how will weigh the doctors’ ability to influence and persuade even the most resistant patients? Preventive treatments in the studio are absolutely necessary for the patient and are basically a life insurance policy: this will help to avoid the worst oral health inconvenience and the resulting expenses. It is by the way true that even the most important innovations in terms of preventive treatments are not sufficient if the professional ethos is missing: our first aim is to manage, create, maintain and optimize a staff focused on the preventive treatments, able to convince the patient of the power of it. This means to give power to the ethic aspect of the profession… and, indeed, in an era of total revolution the ethic aspect is probably one of the few cornerstones we have.

Panorama Dentale - Registrazione del Tribunale di Milano n.612 del 27 ottobre 2003